21 Free And Attractive Coming Soon Pages

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9 Responses

  1. As always a good video added to a coming soon page gives people more information about what is to follow.

    http://www.shoptohelp.com.au – Good Shopping – Great Cause.

  2. Thank you for your cool set! Here is my addition to your collection, my blog’s coming soon page: http://www.designwebkit.com/

  3. Perri says:

    Really digging this arcade inspired design http://www.designkombat.com

  4. betty says:

    Message for Josh Ledgard.

    I loved the look of your site and the idea behind it. {Pity you haven’t added an option for a one off payment for the service you provide for those who simply want one page}. Not everyone wants to pay a monthly sub for a ‘coming soon’ page. Nice idea though, I’ll be back when you offer a one off payment option.

  5. Great post. Love the examples.

    However, if someone wants a quick solution they could also try out http://www.kickofflabs.com/. We make it really easy for someone to have a viral launch landing page up in 60 seconds.

    We also allow for custom colors and 100% customizable CSS if someone does want a more unique design than our OOTB themes offer.

    Check it out!


    Josh Ledgard
    Founder KickoffLabs

  6. http://www.witdip.com could be a good example that’s worth a look

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